Teaching Tuesdays: What Do You Need? How Can We Help?

The P3 Collaboratory is pleased to continue “Teaching Tuesdays,” our summer weekly series centered around best practices for remote instruction and teaching effectiveness.

Next week, we begin a Fall semester unlike any other. Students and faculty are both adjusting to remote learning.Caretakers are juggling simultaneous and conflicting obligations. Many members of our community are dealing with a deepened sense of precarity occasioned by the economic crisis and COVID. We are worried for our students and ourselves . . .

We want to help connect you to the resources you need and provide the RU-N community with the community supports required by these challenging times. Please let us know using this poll how the P3 can assist you with the upcoming semester – how can we help?

Thanks in advance for your feedback, and please know that we are holding on to hope even through these challenging times!

While we work to adapt our offerings to meet campus needs, please explore the following resources:

Need help getting started with online teaching? Look at what we have covered in this series thus far:

Enhancing Digital Literacy

Aligning Digital Assessment to Course Learning Goals

Teaching with Transparency

Preparing an Online Course Orientation

Racism in the Academy and Anti-Racist Pedagogy: Post 1, Post 2

Establishing Presence and Building Community

How to Organize an Effective Online Course Structure

Recording Microlectures

Group Activities Online

Developing Dynamic Discussion Boards

Assessing Participation Online

Want training and support resources for how to maintain a writing and research agenda right now?

Need instructional design assistance? Want to learn more about how to work with educational technology?

All Rutgers faculty and staff have access to the following support teams:

Need other kinds of support but don’t know where to look on campus? Please send us a message and we will work to connect you to an appropriate resource.


Teaching and Learning with Technology is offering four synchronous workshops this coming week.

Aug 26, 10am (1 hr): “Intro to Teaching Online: Best Practices for Supporting Student Learning

Aug 27, 1pm (1.5 hours): “Intro to Canvas Part 1: Setting Up & Building Your Course in Canvas

Aug 28, 2pm (1 hr): “Creating Accessible Online Content: Text, Documents, Images, and Video

Aug 31, 2pm (1.5 hours): “Intro to Canvas Part 2: Assign and Assess Student Work

The Dana Library is offering three workshops this Thursday and Friday: Aug 27, 11am (1 hr): “Integrating Research & Academic Integrity Tutorials into Your Online Course

Aug 27, 1pm (1 hr): “Need Media? Getting and Accessing Films for Your Courses

Aug 28, noon (1hr): “Creating Reading Lists

The Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research and OIT will jointly hosting a training on Zoom Integration with Canvas on Friday, Aug 28 from 10:30am - noon.

Upcoming workshops and events in P3’s SMARTeaching series are viewable here.

Upcoming workshops from Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) are viewable here. Recording of past IDT trainings are available here.

Brought to you by the P3 Collaboratory for Pedagogy, Professional Development, and Publicly-Engaged Scholarship at Rutgers University-Newark


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The P3 Collaboratory is pleased to continue “Teaching Tuesdays,” our ongoing series on pedagogy in higher ed and on the RU-N campus.