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The Success Made for All: Revitalizing Teaching (SMART) series is designed to connect you to available campus resources, introduce you to the latest research on teaching, learning, and neurodevelopment, prepare you for challenges you may confront in the classroom, and introduce you to innovative ways that you can help prepare all of your students for success.

The SMARTeaching workshops are the perfect way to ensure that faculty at Rutgers-Newark and graduate students preparing for a career in academia are working SMARTer toward our collective student success goals!

The upcoming SMARTeaching workshops are a collaborative series between the P3 and Rutgers Teaching with Technology (TLT) division. See schedule below.

Eligibility: The SMARTeaching workshops are open to all RU-N faculty, lecturers, and Ph.D. students.




INTRO TO CANVAS PART 1: SETTING UP AND BUILDING YOUR COURSE IN CANVAS Wednesday, February 17th @ 2:30-4pm - Dave Uibelhoer

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This workshop will cover the basics of setting up and building your course in Canvas. You will learn to navigate a Canvas course and global menu, add content (files, videos, links, etc.) to modules, add your syllabus, communicate with your students, and generate your gradebook.

LARGE ONLINE COURSE STRATEGIES: Monday, March 1st @ 11:30am-1pm - Hanna Kim/Karen Harris

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This workshop will demonstrate strategies for facilitating student collaboration and active learning in fully online courses with 100+ students. It will also highlight LMS (Canvas) tools and course design features that help organize and pace large courses.

TLT CANVAS TEMPLATE TOUR: Monday, March 8th @ 11:30am-1pm - Ruth Ronan

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This session will show you how to import the TLT Canvas Course template into your course from Canvas Commons, as well as how to use and modify it as you build your own course in Canvas. There will also be time included for an open Q&A session with the host, an Instructional Designer with Teaching and Learning with Technology.


FIGHTING COURSE-AND-A-HALF SYNDROME: Monday, March 29th @ 11:30am-1pm - Ruth Ronan

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This workshop introduces instructors to several tools to help avoid the “course-and-a-half syndrome” – a course packed with more content than is suitable for the number of credit hours. It also discusses strategies for managing instructor workflow to avoid burnout. 

MATH & SCIENCE ONLINE TEACHING STRATEGIES: Monday, April 12th @ 11:30am-1pm - Mary Labrada and Christina Bifulco

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Faculty within quantitatively based disciplines face unique challenges when teaching in online and remote environments such as the initial problems of how to replicate a blackboard or lab environment. This session provides an opportunity for STEM instructors to reflect on the teaching challenges (and solutions) of the past year, as well as pedagogical and/or practical takeaways that they will carry with them back to the face-to-face classroom. Participating RU-N faculty members include Sheehan Ahmed (Physics), Vincent Graziano (Math), Kristina Keating (Earth and Environmental Sciences), and Courtney Sobers (Chemistry).

WRITING & HUMANITIES ONLINE TEACHING STRATEGIES: Wednesday, April 14th @ 2:30-4pm - Dena Novak

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Join us for a roundtable discussion of creative solutions to the complex challenges faced by faculty teaching writing and humanities courses online. We’ll explore ways to create a classroom climate that supports student success, practical approaches to designing activities and assignments, ways to facilitate meaningful peer review and deep feedback, and our best technology tips. We’ll also share the most valuable lessons learned over the past year of remote teaching and how they’ll shape our teaching as we move forward in the coming semesters. Participating faculty include Marne Benson (Writing Program and Writing Center), Kevin Catalano (Writing Program and First Year Composition), Elena Lahr-Vivaz (Spanish and Portuguese Studies), and Lance Thurner (History).

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SMARTeaching Spring 2021 Series

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