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SMARTeaching Workshops

The Success Made for All: Revitalizing Teaching (SMART) series is designed to connect you to available campus resources, introduce you to the latest research on teaching, learning, and neurodevelopment, prepare you for challenges you may confront in the classroom, and introduce you to innovative ways that you can help prepare all of your students for success.

The SMARTeaching workshops are the perfect way to ensure that faculty at Rutgers-Newark and graduate students preparing for a career in academia are working SMARTer toward our collective student success goals!

Eligibility: The SMARTeaching workshops are open to all RU-N faculty, lecturers, and Ph.D. students.

Fall 2023 SMARTeaching Schedule


Monday, September 18 @ 11:30 am - 12:50 pm (90 min)

Presenters: Chris Drue (in-person) and Monica Devanas (remotely), OTEAR

This session is being held a hybrid format (in-person/Zoom).

Conklin Hall, Room 449


Lunch will be served

This workshop looks at how to effectively represent one's teaching and mentorship in a teaching statement, and how to develop a teaching portfolio. We will review principles for effective teaching statements, the structure of a teaching statement and teaching portfolio, and evidence to include in each document. Participants should bring any materials related to statements that they have already prepared and be ready for an interactive workshop.

Note: This workshop, facilitated by our colleagues at OTEAR (formerly CTAAR), is aimed at graduate students entering the academic job market. A related workshop on crafting effective teaching portfolios for promotion/tenure purposes is planned for Spring 2024


Monday, October 2 @ 11:30 am - 12:50 pm (90 min)

Presenters: Chris Agans, Talib Charriez, and Joel Negron,


This session will be offered remotely via Zoom.



Do you have NJSTEP students in your classroom this fall? Are you interested in learning more about ways to support formerly incarcerated students? Promote self-confidence, self-advocacy, and personal growth through strengths-based interventions described at our SMARTeaching workshop, "Supporting Justice-Impacted Students on Campus." Led by Regina Diamond-Rodriguez, NJSTEP's Director of Transitions, attendees of this workshop will develop a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by formerly incarcerated students, including the stigmas they encounter, the reintegration/reentry process, and the impact of their life experiences on their educational journey. 


This workshop will help you foster a safe and inclusive learning environment that promotes trust, respect, and inclusivity, ensuring that formerly incarcerated students feel welcomed, supported and valued. Get ready to shift the focus from deficits to strengths by recognizing the unique skills, talents, and resilience of formerly incarcerated students!

This workshop counts towards OTEAR's Inclusivity Series Competency 1.


Wednesday, October 11 @ 2:30 pm - 3:50 pm (90 min)

Presenters: David Goldman, Director of Teaching and Learning,

SAS-NB Office of Undergraduate Education

Jenny Yuan-Chen Yang, Program Coordinator, Asian Languages and Cultures, RU-NB

This session in being held in-person and will not be recorded.

Dana Library, Room 320/321


Lunch will be served


This workshop will explore two related questions: How do we experience, work through, and learn from failures in our teaching? And how can we teach our students to experience, work through, and learn from their own failures? We suspect that openly sharing and reflecting on our own experiences of teaching failure will help us gain insight into our students’ experience of failure, so we can encourage students to persevere and work through the setbacks they will inevitably encounter in their academic, personal, and professional lives. By the end of this session, participants will: (i) feel less isolated, in that they are not alone in encountering obstacles in their teaching; (ii) have strategies to learn from, respond to, and build upon their own teaching failures; and (iii) be more ready to help their students be resilient to, and learn from, failure.


Monday, October 16 @ 11:30 am - 12:50 pm (90 min)

Presenter: Catherine Clepper, Assistant Professor of Practice,

P3 Collaboratory

This session will be offered remotely via Zoom.



Over a decade of research in social psychology indicates that learning mindsets can deeply affect students’ academic persistence and achievement; these mindsets are not fixed, but are shaped by messages students receive from society, from daily interactions and observations, and from their experiences in school. By fostering a positive student experience in the classroom (and beyond), instructors can increase a student’s likelihood of persevering through academic challenges to graduation.


This workshop summarizes several key areas of social psychological research on learning mindsets and the student experience, and translates key research findings into teaching moves and approaches that can be used in any discipline by any instructor. Practices to be discussed in this workshop include revising syllabi with a student’s perspective in mind, reviewing and revising course policies, utilizing new grading and feedback processes, and other evidence-based approaches that increase sense of belonging, convey a growth mindset, and foster inclusivity and institutional trust.

Note: The P3 Collaboratory will be launching a faculty “community of practice” centered on the research and practices discussed in the workshop later in the 2023-24AY. Application information for our community of practice will be available during and after this workshop.

This workshop counts towards OTEAR's Inclusivity Series Competency 2.

SMARTeaching Resources

If you would like to partner with the P3 for future workshops, please visit our contact us page or email  

If you'd like to see videos of previous SMARTeaching workshops, please visit the SMARTeaching Archive (via Canvas).

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