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SMARTeaching Workshops

The Success Made for All: Revitalizing Teaching (SMART) series is designed to connect you to available campus resources, introduce you to the latest research on teaching, learning, and neurodevelopment, prepare you for challenges you may confront in the classroom, and introduce you to innovative ways that you can help prepare all of your students for success.

The SMARTeaching workshops are the perfect way to ensure that faculty at Rutgers-Newark and graduate students preparing for a career in academia are working SMARTer toward our collective student success goals!

Eligibility: The SMARTeaching workshops are open to all RU-N faculty, lecturers, and Ph.D. students.

Spring 2024 SMARTeaching Schedule


Monday, February 5 @ 11:30 am - 12:50 pm (90 min)

Presenters: Diane Hill, Assistant Chancellor

Donita Devance, Assistant Director

Office of University-Community Partnerships


This session will be offered remotely via Zoom.


Does your work involve publicly-engaged scholarship? Do you want to learn how to connect with your community of scholars? Join Dr. Diane Hill, Assistant Chancellor, University-Community Partnerships & Office of University Community Partnership staff as she provides an overview of the TICEM model for community engagement and discusses its application for university personnel. TICEM, or the Transdisciplinary Intergenerational Community Engagement Model, explores pathways to meaningful collaboration with communities. Based on years of research, observation, and feedback, the model provides tools and tips to build trust and effective bilateral communication between researchers and communities that result in sustainable relationships and mutually beneficial outcomes. TICEM emphasizes ways in which to engage all collaborators respectfully so that solution building is more inclusive and accepted. 

NOTE: This session is designed to benefit anyone interested in cultivating sustainable, effective university-community research collaborations and partnerships.

Click here for more information about TICEM and its applications.


Wednesday, February 7 @ 2:30 pm - 3:50 pm (90 min)

Presenters: Chris Drue, Associate Director for Teaching Evaluation (In Person)

Monica Devanas, Director of Faculty Development and Assessment Programs (Virtual)



This session will be offered in a hybrid format.


In-Person: Conklin Hall, Room 449


The Teaching Portfolio is a documented statement of an instructor’s teaching responsibilities, philosophy, goals, and teaching accomplishments. As part of the reappointment and promotion process, departments must review candidate teaching portfolios in conjunction with other sources of evidence. Join us for a workshop to write or refine your teaching philosophy, consider the evidence you want to share to demonstrate your teaching effectiveness, and be sure your portfolio represents your accomplishments in teaching.


Monday, February 26 @ 11:30 am - 12:50 pm (90 min)

Presenters: Mason Ameri, Management and Global Business, Rutgers Business School

Alice Elliott Dark, English/Creative Writing, School of Arts and Sciences - Newark

Steven Elliott, History, School of Arts and Sciences - Newark

Ashaki Rouff, Earth and Environmental Sciences, School of Arts and Sciences,

Associate Director, P3 Collaboratory

Brandon Paradise, School of Law - Newark

This session will be offered remotely via Zoom.



A roundtable event discussing teaching challenges, solutions, and joys. Featuring the following panelists:

Alice Elliott Dark (English/Creative Writing), winner of 2022-2023 Warren I.

Susman Award for Excellence in Teaching

Steven Elliott (History), winner of 2022-2023 Presidential Award for

Excellence in Teaching by a Lecturer

Ashaki Rouff (Earth and Environmental Science), winner of 2022-2023

Presidential Outstanding Faculty Scholar Award

Mason Ameri (Management and Global Business), winner of 2018-2019

Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching

Brandon Paradise (Law), winner of 2022-2023 Rutgers Law School Professor

of the Year Award

More information about the Presidential Awards can be found here.


Wednesday, March 27 @ 2:30 pm - 3:50 pm (90 min)

Presenter:  Maureen Donaghy, Associate Professor, Chair, Political Science, Faculty of Arts

and Sciences-Camden

Co-Editor, Urban Affairs Review

Lindsey M. McDougle, Associate Professor, School of Public Affairs and 

Administration, Rutgers-Newark

Associate Editor, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly

Former Editor, Journal of Public and Nonprofit Affairs

Mara Sidney, Professor, Chair, Political Sciences, School of Arts and Sciences -


Co-Editor, Urban Affairs Review


This session will be offered remotely via Zoom.



Once you have a completed manuscript, how should you choose a journal? How can you avoid a desk reject? What’s inside the black box of the review process? Why does it take so long? How do editors make final decisions? How can you best deal with a Revise & Resubmit? How can you move forward if the decision is “reject”? What makes a good review?

In this workshop, editors of academic journals share insights from their experiences working with manuscripts and managing the review process. We aim to illuminate for junior scholars and graduate students the process of publishing in peer-reviewed journals.

SMARTeaching Resources

If you would like to partner with the P3 for future workshops, please visit our contact us page or email  

If you'd like to see videos of previous SMARTeaching workshops, please visit the SMARTeaching Archive (via Canvas).

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