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Chancellor's Scholars-in-Residence Fellowship

Under the aegis of the P3 Collaboratory at Rutgers-Newark, the fellowship is designed to support RU-N faculty in learning and implementing evidence-based pedagogies in their courses, while providing opportunities for the development and furtherance of their individual scholarly agendas. In addition, Fellows are expected to support the ongoing research and programmatic initiatives of the P3 Collaboratory. In support of their commitment to the P3, Fellows receive $15,000 for the academic year (or $7,500 for a single semester).

In previous years, Scholars-in-Residence have embarked upon program design and STEM pathways for underrepresented populations; course redesign and pedagogical protocol development; and a campus-wide yearlong teaching development program.

Eligibility & Expectations: The Chancellor’s Scholar-in-Residence Fellowship is open to all full-time faculty at RU-N: tenured, tenure-track, and non-tenure track. Fellows are expected to contribute approximately 20% of their professional time to the fellowship and are provided dedicated office space within the P3 Collaboratory in Dana Library. 

Meet Our 2021-2022 Scholars-in-Residence

Lois M Warner.jpg

Lois M. Warner, PhD

School of Public Affairs & Administration

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Courtney Sobers, PhD

Chemistry (SASN)

Learn about Dr. Sobers work on "ungrading" here

Former Scholars-in-Residence


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Ashaki Rouff, 2017-18

Earth & Environmental Sciences

As Scholar-in-Residence, I explored and developed aspects of my teaching and research that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to otherwise. Leveraging the multitude of resources available at the P3 Collaboratory, I was able to focus on professional development and other activities in support of my career goals, student success, and to address challenges facing my discipline. The experience truly broadened my vision for what I can accomplish in my role as faculty.

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Christina Zambrano-Varghese, 2018-19


The Chancellor's Scholar-in-Residence program enabled me to research best practices for faculty development and share that information with members of the campus community.  I was able to form partnerships for the benefit of our collective student success goals, and as a result, I noticed a profound impact upon my own teaching.  I am grateful for the opportunities I have been granted through this program, and I have seen the ways in which my students have been granted the opportunity to excel as a result.

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Jason Bird, 2018-19

Social Work

The fellowship provided me with the resources and support to experiment with new ideas in the classroom, which allowed me to creatively explore new directions in my research and teaching. This year, I developed new classroom techniques aimed at enhancing students’ empathy along with new research to assess the effectiveness of those classroom techniques. The fellowship also encouraged my engaging with an expanded network of colleagues who helped bring fresh perspectives to my areas of interest. This experience was a perfect post-tenure opportunity to refresh my research ideas and rekindle my academic passions, both inside and outside the classroom!


Audrey Redding-Raines, 2019-20

Social Work

Coming Soon.

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Ian Watson, 2019-20

American Studies, Arts, Culture & Media

Coming Soon.

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Ramona Ross, 2020-21


The Scholar-in-Residence role has been one of the best professional development experiences I have had in my career.  This role has given me the opportunity to work on a passion project, which supports underrepresented students who want to pursue clinical work in psychology.  Having the support of P3 demonstrated to other entities in my field that the issue at hand was crucial and encouraged them to get involved as well.  With the support of the P3, we successfully applied to grants within our first year.  This role has also allowed me to connect with professionals across various disciplines, who are passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion work.

R_3iXyVjTGDGLyxBv_akhimie photo 3.jpg

Patricia Akhimie, 2020-21


When I took up the Scholar-in-Residence fellowship in early 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, I hoped to build support for other faculty members struggling to balance childcare with research and writing at a particularly challenging time. It was beyond gratifying to make connections with more than 90 other faculty members at Rutgers-Newark who identify as caregivers. Yet what has made this experience a career-changing one has been the opportunity to better understand and to proactively define the relationship between my own roles as caregiver, educator, and scholar, and my commitment to faculty development. I have deeply appreciated all I have received at P3 in the form of mentorship, advocacy, and logistical support. 

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