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About Dissertation Bootcamp

Dissertation Bootcamp is four-day intensive writing workshop for advanced PhD candidates. The workshop is intended to provide participants with a quiet space to write without distractions or interruptions, in the company of a community of like-minded peers and experts on call, in order to make substantial progress on dissertation writing. The workshop will sharpen dissertators’ ability to set effective, achievable goals, and to track and understand their writing process. In addition, the workshop will foster a collaborative environment among graduate students and other academic writers, where participants can cheer each other on, provide a sounding board for frustrations and ideas, and celebrate accomplishments.

96% of surveyed prior workshop participants report that the bootcamp helped them to accomplish their primary writing goals!

  • "Setting aside the time and space was for writing was incredibly helpful." -Spring 2020 Bootcamper

  • "Have this more often!" -Summer 2019 Bootcamper

  • "We had other focused people around which helped motivate me to keep going." -Spring 2019 Bootcamper

  • "I think the event was fantastic! My only suggestion would be to host more of them!" -Spring 2018 Bootcamper

  • "Having a dedicated time to get work done was very helpful. I was able to stay on track better than I would have if I was working alone." -Spring 2017 Bootcamper

  • "The 'tips for the day' were incredibly useful [and] I got more work done in this Bootcamp than I normally do on my own. I also was encouraged to do anything related to my dissertation, including outlining my argument, reading other dissertations, and figuring bibliographic software issues. By the end of the week, I feel like I really accomplished something, creating some much-needed momentum." -Spring 2017 Bootcamper

The P3 Collaboratory, together with the Graduate School-Newark, is will kickoff the eighth cycle of "Dissertation Bootcamp" late August! During the Summer 2020 workshop, participants will gather virtually each morning from 9:30a-12:30p. These half-day sessions are intended to help reinforce daily writing as a habit. 

Eligibility & Expectations: While preference will be given to Rutgers University-Newark advanced PhD candidates, students working on dissertation  proposals and masters theses, faculty, postdoc fellows, and administrators/staff are all welcome to apply. 

  • The writing workshops take place in August (fall) and March (spring).

  • The call for applications will open approximately 2-months prior.

  • Our team will announce the call for applications via our Rutgers listserve. The information will also be available on our website.


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