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UPDATE: COVID- 19 and Teaching at RU-N

Please visit the Universitywide COVID-19 Information website for the latest information about Rutgers-Newark's measures related to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

RU Ready?

We know that the shift to remote instruction may come with a rough start, remember that this a normal part of the process. Many of us are learning as we go, and concerns you may have as an instructor are likely shared by your students. While Rutgers-Newark has put into place channels to support you with this transition, please be mindful that this mode of instruction is new to many of us and that everyone may be experiencing some anxieties while adapting to the rapidly evolving circumstances. The COVID-19 Operating Status page offers information about how to access the university services and resources you may need.

Academic Technology Support (ATS) has been continuously offering support and online workshops for instructors. A good place to start is their Resources for Teaching and Working Remotely page, which contains set up information for both Webex and Zoom.

Other ATS resources include:

Faculty and staff with questions or concerns can always contact the Help Desk at or call (973) 353-5083. Law faculty and staff should contact their respective IT teams for support.

If you have a student who has accommodations that may limit their access to digital learning materials, contact the Office of Disability Services.

Additional strategies and tools are listed below.



Seek out low- or no-cost textbook alternatives for your students

Engage with the Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) Offerings

Learn about Pedagogies of Care

Start planning now to reduce costs for students next term. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Learn about Barnes & Noble First Day program, which allows for course-adopted texts to be prepurchased in bulk and passes the savings directly onto your students.  Use the Bookstore Adoption tool to indicate your course materials, then email Victor Harris, B&N Bookstore Manager, with your course number, section, and course material list.


  • Open Educational Resources (OER) are another option for providing students with access to free or low-cost course materials. See the RU Libraries webpages for information about the OER supports available to you, or get started searching for online materials. Contact Bonnie Fong, Dana Library, with any specific questions.

  • Use Reading Lists to organize OER directly in your Canvas course shell. Also known as the Leganto Online Course Reserves tool, Reading Lists make it easy for students to find the materials you want them to use! 

Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) supports Rutgers academic units University-wide in creating and delivering hybrid and fully online courses, and is heavily involved in both for-credit as well as non-credit online and hybrid education at the university.  Frequently used faculty resources include:

This collection of open source materials from authors in the West Virginia University Press Teaching & Learning Series assists instructors with student-centered, adaptive strategies for teaching effectively during the current public health crisis. How can we build pedagogies of care to support our students while meeting our learning goals? The multi-media site includes articles, podcasts, videos, and more, broadly covering design, teaching, and assessment to show you how!

More information available at

Learn more about CTAAR's Teaching Workshops

Responding to disruptive or inappropriate online behavior 

Designing an accessible online course

The Center for Teaching Advancement & Assessment Research (CTAAR) hosts teaching workshops each semester.​ 


View CTAAR's current schedule of workshops at 

CTAAR circulated a flyer describing how to respond to disruptions in online class meetings. The flyer provides guidance and links to resources related to preparing to prevent disruptions, responding to uninvited guests, responding to disruptive students, and following up after a disruption.


The flyer is available at 

Explore Access is a web resource of the Southwest ADA Center Regional Affiliate - Arkansas, a project of the University of Arkansas - Partners for Inclusive Communities that provides tools for promoting disability access and inclusion. The project staff has developed a toolkit to help ensure that the rapid change to an online format due to COVID-19 does not result in lack of access for students with disabilities.


The toolkit is available at

Free ACUE Webinar Series

Rutgers Library Workshops

Don't Forget about SMARTeaching!

To support instructors in creating inclusive learning environments, our partners at ACUE are offering a set of free resources, including 10 inclusive teaching practices that can be immediately put to use to benefit both faculty and their students. These practices are tailored for online teaching but are also relevant to the physical classroom.

Resources for faculty are available at

  • Back to School Webinars

Rutgers' library system, including RU-N's own Dana Library, regularly offer pedagogical workshops, information sessions, and research methods trainings.  See their current offerings for more information.


In response to the ongoing pandemic, P3's longstanding workshop series has moved online. See our current offerings on the SMARTeaching page.

All members of the Rutgers community are welcome to join the conversation.

To see which of our SMARTeaching workshops qualify for Rutgers's Certificate for Lifelong Learning in Inclusive & Equitable Teaching initiative, review the workshop list at

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