Teaching Tuesdays: Call for Contributors - Teaching Tuesday’s “How I’m Teaching Now” Series


This year, we’ve all been asked to exhibit extraordinary levels of flexibility and creativity in our teaching. In the hopes of fostering frank campus conversations about the challenges and successes encountered along the way, the P3 wants to hear from you!

The “How I’m Teaching Now” series -- a mini-thread within our “Teaching Tuesday” project -- seeks faculty, instructional staff, and teaching grad students to share how they’ve adapted their courses and/or approach to teaching during the COVID-19 crisis. "How I’m Teaching Now” will be comprised of a number of short (250 words) firsthand accounts from selected contributors who have taught at least one course at RU-N in 2020 or 2021. We invite contributors to write about any aspect of their teaching, including:

  • Examples of successful (and unsuccessful!) facilitation strategies, synchronous or asynchronous activities, and/or assignments in your course (and reflections on what could be improved);

  • Discussion of the unique challenges of remote teaching and learning in your discipline;

  • Your favorite tools or resources for remote teaching and learning;

  • Local (Rutgers-based, Newark-based) resources that you have connected with in the shift to remote instruction;

  • Aspirations and ideas for the further development of your online pedagogy;

  • Tips for managing work-life balance for yourself, supporting work-life balance for your students, and fighting instructional burnout;

  • Adapting inclusive and student-centered pedagogy to an online environment; and

  • Building online community.

Interested contributors should email p3collaboratory@rutgers.edu with the subject line “How I’m Teaching Now” and include 1) name, department, courses taught in 2020; and 2) a description of proposed essay topic in 2-3 sentences.

We look forward to building a platform to highlight how we’re all teaching now!

Brought to you by the P3 Collaboratory for Pedagogy, Professional Development, and Publicly-Engaged Scholarship at Rutgers University-Newark


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