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About the Difficult Dialogues Workshop

Are you interested in learning how structured dialogues can help your students connect with course content, feel a sense of belonging in the classroom, improve their oral and written communications skills, and lead to deeper student engagement?

The P3 Collaboratory cordially invites you to join us for a workshop on utilizing dialogue and dialogic techniques to foster rich learning opportunities, improve communication, and resolve conflict in the classroom.


A good conversation is not an accident, it is planned and implemented with intention. There are five easy structures that will help any conversation work better: timed speaking, think-write-speak, go-rounds, intentional time for reflection, and the use of agreements all draw out our best instincts for sharing and listening in ways that can help us better connect. 


After this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the ways that structures impact the quality of conversations.

  • Implement and adapt dialogic structures that make it more likely that participants will engage constructively with each other across differences.

  • Apply the invite/discourage framework to design decisions for in-person and virtual conversations.

Eligibility & Expectations: All Rutgers-Newark teaching faculty (including tenure track, NTT, and PTLs) and graduate students (doctoral and masters students) are eligible to participate. 

Register Here.

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